BZ Advantage 42.5" Bodyboard

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PH Core: a high density expanded polystyrene (EPS) core that helps create a seamless bond between deck and slick

Rolled Crescent Tail: offers controlled and responsive rail to rail transitions in critical sections

8LB Greencell Deck: designed for direct lamination with no bubbling, and is used by the world's best riders because of its rigidity and comfort

HDPE Slick: high density polyethylene slick bottom that is specifically formulated for Dow core boards. HDPE slick bottoms offer proper flex and projection for added control and maneuverability

Graduated Channels: enhances control in critical situations and increases speed capabilities
Coil Leash & Plug: wrist leash and plug keeps you connected to increase your wave count


COLORS ARE LIMITED: please add a note of which color you prefer, otherwise we send what we have!

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