BZ El Super Burrito 8’8” Surfboard

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BZ has been making soft surfboards since 1982.

Constructed with light-weight EPS cores, real wood stringers, and a fiberglass sub-skin, these soft surfboards look, feel, and perform more like traditional hard fiberglass surfboards, but with the carefree fun and safety of a traditional “foamy”. 

The smooth outer layer allows surfers to apply wax, traction pads, and stickers to decks and bottoms, just like a traditional fiberglass board, yet the surface is still soft, springy, durable, and fun.

Rails are soft, brushed EVA, allowing more progressive rail curves and bottom edges. Sturdy, permanent fin inserts accommodate removable, standard 2-tab FCS-style fins.

  • Weight: 15.70 lbs
  • Dimensions: 108.66" × 24.80" × 5.51"
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