Morey Mach 10 Bodyboard Blue

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Available in 40" and 41"

The Mach 10 is based on a narrow template that allows riders speed and controllability. The dimensions of the boards are based on having a narrow template with a slightly wider wide point, making it easier to control spins and pocket riding. The materials we choose are perfect for those warm water days and even enough flex for those cooler temperatures.

  • X-Flex®Polypro Core: provides projection, flex, and response and is 100% waterproof
  • TC8 Deck: formulated with excellent strength and flexibility properties to perform
  • Surlyn® Slick: a high performance bottom skin that offers speed and ideal flexibility
  • X-Flex Mesh: a cross-linked composite material fused between the core and the bottom skin
  • Single Power Rod Stringer: provides strength to weigh ratio for a solid power base
  • Channels: helps minimize turbulence and increase the board's hold to the waves
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